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Launching the Complete Civic Crowdfunding Platform – ZenFunder

ZenFunder is The Most Effective Way for Residents and Government Officials to Fund Civic Projects

We’re excited to announce the release or our newest product, ZenFunder. We officially kicked off this product at the 2013 LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco. ZenFunder is a revolutionary civic crowdfunding platform that allows citizens and the government to collaboratively fund local community improvement projects. Check out this video to see our launch during the Festival.

Anyone can propose a new project on ZenFunder. Once the project reaches a minimum funding threshold, it is reviewed by city government to ensure the project is in accordance with local requirements.

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Once approved, the project is promoted and funding is crowdsourced. The local government and corporate sponsors can also contribute funds.
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CitySourced wins GovFresh 2011 Awards

GovFresh Awards 2011

GovFresh recently completed its 2011 GovFresh Awards and CitySourced won Best Civic Start-up and tied for App of the Year. The awards showcase all of the city and local leadership and great civic technology work that’s been developed throughout the year. The GFAs strive to highlight the best and brightest, help better connect citizens with government, provide city and local governments better visibility to into best practices and emerging technology, and create a general conversation around how government and citizens can make government great.
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