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The Year of the Mobile Device

It’s official. Americans now spend more time viewing media on digital devices – more than any other form. The following infographic from the folks at KISSmetrics demonstrates how print, radio and television have taken a backseat as the prominent medium.

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  • 56% of American adults own a smartphone. < Tweet This >
  • In 2012, 31% of smartphone users in the US got their news on that device. < Tweet This >
  • 15.2% of North America’s web traffic comes from mobile. < Tweet This >

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7 Mobile App Development Tips for Local Governments

Since CitySourced has partnered with the City of Redlands, 65% of its citizen complaints are received through the mobile app. Philip Mielke, interim CIO of Redlands, CA said that the mobile App has simplified the complaint process.

Here are some tips for local governments looking to build an official mobile app. Two IT experts from Redlands, CA and Rancho Cucamonga, CA give some great advice.

1. Keep it simple
Don’t overdo it. The app should mean one thing when you publicize it. Multiple functions may require a separate app or system.

2. Be open to ideas
Engage other departments in the design and functionality of the app.

3. Know your audience
The Internet is accessed more frequently via mobile solutions by people below the poverty line (due to the low initial price point). You’re involving a new group and need to plan your outreach accordingly.

4. Make it relevant
Know what functions and issues are of concern to the community and make your app more than just a problem reporting program.

5. Location, location, location
If your app doesn’t have a spatial component to it and you don’t have an ability to extract GIS information from the app, you’re more than missing the boat — you don’t know where the water is.

6. Data integration
Make sure the mobile app can feed into your existing work order or dispatch systems. You don’t want to waste staff time trying to bridge systems

7. Cross-platform support
Don’t leave two-thirds of your public unable to interact with their local government easily because you decide to only develop on one platform.

Go to the full GovTech article here.

CitySourced wins GovFresh 2011 Awards

GovFresh Awards 2011

GovFresh recently completed its 2011 GovFresh Awards and CitySourced won Best Civic Start-up and tied for App of the Year. The awards showcase all of the city and local leadership and great civic technology work that’s been developed throughout the year. The GFAs strive to highlight the best and brightest, help better connect citizens with government, provide city and local governments better visibility to into best practices and emerging technology, and create a general conversation around how government and citizens can make government great.
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